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Transmission / Gearbox Repairs

Mekas Automotive are your Transmission and Gear Box repair specialists. We offer:

• Automatic Transmissions Specialist

• Gearbox Re-Build

• Automatic Gearbox

• Semi-Automatic Gearbox

• Free Diagnostic Testing

• DSG – Direct Shift Gearbox

• SMG 1 2 3 Gearbox

• Power-shift

• Mechatronic

• Automatic Transfer Units

It is essential for a smooth ride and to be mishap free, to maintain the right torque throughout your drive.

Depending upon the road conditions and vehicle load, your vehicle’s torque and speed, need to be changed, which is done by changing the gear ratio between the engine crankshaft and drive wheels. 

Mekas Automotive’s competent mechanics are specialists in the  repairing and servicing of all the components of the gearbox.